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Membership and Drop-ins 


  • Anyone attending classes without a membership pays a £20/session “drop-in” fee to the member of Staff at reception before the session.

  • On signing up to a monthly membership you consent to Elite Jiu-Jitsu invoicing and charging your debit/credit card the value of the membership signed up for monthly, until you request that we cancel the membership. 

  • Membership payments shall be taken out on the first of each month. Anyone joining midway will be charged for the following month on the 1st and a one-off extra fee for the extra days training in said month, i.e., a member joining on March 20th will be charged £95 plus a one-off payment of £33.70 for the 11 days in March till April 1st. 

  • Subscription fees are final, and cannot be refunded, even in the event that you do not attend the academy for an entire month after paying for your yearly subscription. It is your duty to cancel membership in a timely manner in the event of long absences, and your duty to make the most of your membership after paying a subscription fee. However, memberships are cancellable if member obtains severe injury restricting them from any forms of training.  

  • In the event of an invoice being unable to be charged instantly upon invoicing, due to insufficient funds or a change of debit/credit card, we do not impose any penalties for the first month. You are however obliged to get in contact or respond ASAP to sort out or discuss any issues where they arise, however if payment is not resolved after 1-month, failed payment will be deducted in following month plus £10 extra fee. 

  • Memberships do not include private sessions or consultations  

  • Membership is not transferable and must be used only by the registered member. 

  • Elite Jiu-Jitsu reserves the right to cancel any membership if we view the member in question to be breaching our Terms and Conditions or behaving in a way which we deem offensive or dangerous. If this is the case, we will cancel the membership and the member will not be liable to pay the remaining months of his/her contract or any fees normally incurred. 

  • Memberships are 6 months non-refundable contracts, however, after the 6 months the subscription will be rolling and will be able to cancel at any time. 

  • Elite Jiu-Jitsu reserves the right to refuse membership or admittance. 

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